Aug 31, 2010

Catalonian Youth Advocate Palestine Via Music - #BDS

Nablus – PNN exclusive – a group of Catalonian youth currently visiting the Palestinian territory have taken the responsibility to advocate the Palestinian cause using a number of methods among them music.
The group visit is organized by Solidarity with Palestine from Barcelona, an organization that is specialized in advocacy work for the Palestinian cause.
The organization advocacy work is done by organizing tours to Catalonian musical groups visiting schools, workshops, and art galleries and movies, Ashraf Ayoup, an organizer for the organization told PNN.
Joseph Nadal, a singer in the Catalonian group, said he came to visit Palestine to learn about the Palestinian community and life under occupation in addition to learn about the Palestinian cultural and music. 
Nadal says he was moved by the way the Palestinians welcomed his group and despite life under occupation people still smile. “I admire the determination of the Palestinians to live “ Nadal Added.
The Catalonian said that there is a boycott campaign is Spain to Israeli products that are using media and prints to educate people that buying Israeli products is supporting occupation, he hoped that this campaign will expand to reach more people.

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