Aug 29, 2012

#BDS Arab Organization for Human Rights calls for boycotting Avkon company

LONDON, (PIC)-- The Arab Organization for Human Rights (AOHR) in Britain condemned the involvement of many international companies in the Israeli military operations in the occupied Palestinian territories. AOHR revealed, in a statement on Monday, that Avkon company, established since 1945 in occupied Palestine, offers multiple services to the occupation army in occupied Palestine, including electrical systems, industrial control, building management, security systems, Fire Alarm Systems, software, communications, natural gas technology, wind energy technology, and telecommunications. The company's most important customers are the Israeli ministries of war, security, energy, transport, and agriculture. The statement pointed out that the company has so many branches worldwide in China, Russia, Malaysia, India, Jordon, and others. The organization called on the Malaysian and Jordanian governments to close the company's branches in their countries. The organization also called on European countries and other countries that host branches for that company "to investigate the company's illegal activities in the occupied Palestinian territories and its crimes against the Palestinian people”.  Source.

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