Apr 17, 2012

#BDS: Major Bay Area arts org worked closely with Israeli consul general to counter protests #US

"Here is a fascinating look inside the front lines of the Israel lobby. 
According to leaked emails, a major Bay Area arts organization worked behind the scenes with the Israeli consulate and the Jewish Federation to counter protests of Israeli films over the last two years.
The emails involve Frameline, a 35-year-old LGBT film festival that has become an institution in the Bay Area. Frameline has often shown Israeli films, and accepted sponsorship from the Israeli Consulate--and as a result it has faced boycott callsand protests in recent years.
The emails show that at a time when Frameline's executive director K.C. Price was telling the press he was "nonpartisan," he was urging Israeli consul general Akiva Tor as well as officials at the Jewish Federation to take action against the protests. "
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