Feb 13, 2012

#BDS Report: #EU Trade with Israeli Settlements

"1. Background information on Israeli settlements in the OPT
Israeli settlements are areas in which Israeli and Jewish civilians have
established homes, communities and new towns on occupied Palestinian land.
There are over 200 Israeli settlements and settlement outposts in the West
Bank and East Jerusalem with a combined population of half a million people.
200,000 of these settlers are living in East Jerusalem.
The total area
controlled by settlements is around 43 per cent of the West Bank (See Appendix
Settlement construction first began in 1967 and, despite their illegality and
international condemnation, settlements have grown and prospered over the
past 50 years, significantly changing the facts on the ground. The annual
growth rate of the settler population in the West Bank is significantly higher
than population growth inside Israel at 3.7 per cent
and as these new towns
grow, more of the land falls under Israeli control. There are different
motivations for Israelis to move to the occupied territories. Some move for
economic reasons while others are ideological settlers, who make up the
majority of settlement outposts. "

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