Dec 10, 2011

#BDS: Home Depot encourages Israel’s colonial expansion

"What is Home Depot’s involvement in Israel?
Since its foundation in 1979 by Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank, Home Depot has become a huge player in the North American home improvement market.1 With over 2000 stores across Canada, the US, Mexico, and China, Home Depot‟s business decisions hold a great deal of economic weight worldwide. Currently, Israeli companies such as Keter Plastic, Smart Storage and Zag supply more than $150 million worth of Home Depot‟s products.2
How is Home Depot encouraging Israel’s colonial expansion?

Home Depot continues to encourage Israeli colonial expansion by selling a large array of products from the Israeli company Keter Plastic and its subsidiaries (e.g. Keter-Black and Decker, Lotemplast bath mats, and Workforce.) Keter Plastic owns and operates two plants in illegal Israeli colonies established within the occupied West Bank: one in the Barkan Industrial Zone, and another in Oranit.
The Barkan industrial Zone is the second largest industrial zone in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, and is home to a myriad of businesses and factories,3 many of which have been under international political pressure to relocate due to the illegality of the Barkan colony.4 The Oranit colony, along with three other Israeli colonies in the West Bank, was approved for expansion by former Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz in 2006.5 Home Depot has recently awarded Keter Plastic a $150 million contract which will last for at least three years."

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