Dec 21, 2011

An Israeli Preaching to Palestinians: Amira Hass on #BDS: “Don’t make it into a religion”


"You mustn’t make the means of the struggle into a religion. Palestinians used to believe in the armed struggle as a kind of religion. Now they do not. The use of weapons in the second intifada excluded the majority and actually made the occupation worse.
The problem is that Israelis have come to accept the dual life of occupation. They can have parties and gallery openings in Tel Aviv while a few minutes’ drive away water cisterns are destroyed, houses are destroyed, you need a permit to plant a tree, and so on.
Does boycott help? Well, $10 billion of Israeli military expertise (which Israel exports annually) will not be affected by BDS. Campaigns against Ahava, Elbit & Veolia were successful. The campaign against Caterpillar failed.

Boycott also raises the question of hypocrisy. Should we boycott Canada because of what it did to the First Nations *? Do not think of activism as a cult. Think. Ask questions. And by the way, not all Palestinians support BDS. As someone who grew up in a Marxist environment, I say, ‘don’t make a religion of it.’"

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  1. Maybe she's not lecturing as an "aloof" Israeli to supposedly "inferior" Palestinians, but as one human being caught up in the criminal mess that the Israeli is to other human beings caught up in the same situation, on a more peer-to-peer basis. I mean, that might be her intention. She did live in Ramallah for many years, after all.