Dec 22, 2011

#BDS: Egyptian TV presenter fired after refusing interview with Israeli Embassy

"Cairo - Yasmine Geoushi, an Egyptian TV presenter and journalist for Al-Tahrir newspaper, was shocked when she was informed by the owner of the Egyptian January 25 TV, Mohammad Jawhar, that she had lost her job.

Geoushi believes her "position on the subject of establishing natural relations with the Zionist state" is the main reason behind her firing. Last August, Geoushi refused to host the Israeli foreign affairs spokesperson during the channel's coverage of the events at the Israeli Embassy in Cairo.

"The last Friday of Ramadan, I was approached by the channel's chief editor and asked to prepare an episode in front of the Israeli Embassy," Geoushi said. "I later discovered that I was supposed to interview and receive an on-air statement from the Israeli official and, of course, I refused."

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