Dec 17, 2011

#BDS: Dis-Chem nails its colors to the Israeli Mast

"Pro-Palestinian activists are up in arms after a major South African pharmacy chain harshly rebuffed calls by a consumer to remove Israeli goods from its shelves. The retailer, Dis-Chem, which boasts scores of stores across South Africa also stands accused of defending controversial Israeli occupation and military policies.

The fracas began when Fatima Moosa, a health enthusiast, raised an objection to the company’s stocking of Israeli products at a branch in Durban. In an online submission to the Dis-Chem website, she expressed her dissapointment that the store imported products from a country whose human rights violations she described as “replicating Hitler’s Nazism.” She further appealed to the company to consider removing Israeli products from its shelves."

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