Nov 30, 2011

#BDS Student tells EI about #Sabra hummus boycott victory at her high school

Today Nadine Darwish, a sophomore at Lincoln-Way High School in the Chicago suburbs,tweeted the news that her school will no longer serve Sabra brand hummus.

Chicago’s DePaul University recently decided to provide an alternative to Sabra hummus after a campaign by the Students for Justice in Palestine.

Darwish had been working on an article for her school paper urging other students to call for the boycott of Sabra at their school. But she reported on Twitter that a brief conversation with the cafeteria’s lunch lady achieved the desired outcome — the school cafeteria will no longer sell Sabra hummus.

This afternoon she told me more about what happened, and that others concerned with human rights shouldn’t be intimidated from speaking up. Read more here. And follow Nadine on twitter here:

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