Jun 6, 2011

#BDS: European Forum against Agrexco/Carmel: BDS Europe, a Major Struggle


"The Annual General Meeting of the Coalition against Agrexco has initiated this forum while Operation "Gaza Strawberries", conducted by Agrexco, the CRIF and the Israeli Embassy in France, is in full swing.

Operation "Gaza Strawberries" has two goals. First, to nullify the impact of the efforts made to launch the French Ship for Gaza ("Thanks to Agrexco, there is no more blockade, so there is no point in sending the ship."). They are wasting their time, there will be a French ship in the second flotilla! The second goal was to nullify the Boycott and the rejection of Agrexco ("Since Agrexco is rescuing the Palestinians by exporting their products, boycotting Agrexco is boycotting the Palestinians."). This sordid maneuvering had the advantage of revealing the enormous challenge posed to Israel by this struggle because of the symbolic importance of the Carmel Agrexco brand."

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