Jan 27, 2011

#Jan25: Protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in LONDON on Sat

We are a group of Egyptians from different political & ideological backgrounds. At 12 pm on Saturday 29/01/2011 we shall hold a peaceful protest outside the Egyptian Embassy in London, to show our solidarity & support of our fellow Egyptians in our beloved country, who decided on making Tuesday 25/01/2011 a day of protests & demonstrations in Egypt against the unfair, tyrant, oppressive & corrupt Egyptian regime that has been ruling our country for decades. We would like to announce our full solidarity with all honourable freedom fighters from different backgrounds who decided to peacefully protest (despite the expected suppression & brutality from the regime) in order to achieve our justified goal of a democratic, free & civil nation capable of ensuring a dignified, honourable & non-discriminatory life for all Egyptians.

We are inviting all supporters of human rights & civic democracy to come & support us in delivering our message to the Egyptian regime.

Please spread the word & invite your friends. Flags & banners of all supporting nations are welcomed.

Address of the Egyptian Embassy:
26 South Street


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  1. Fraud Proof Voting Systems are the solution to Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt, Mugabe of Zimbabwe, and so many others (including the late Sadaam Husein). But Britain and America dont want such systems and will not allow their implementation (or even discussion about them to take place).

    Mr Alex Weir, London and Harare