Jan 7, 2011

#BDS: Open Letter to Jon Bon Jovi: This one should go out to the Palestinians!*

"It is with great disappointment that the undersigned organizations learned of your scheduled performance in Israel set for 2011 as part of your “Circle Tour” [1].  Given that Israel is involved in grave violations of international law and human rights, particularly as indicated in the UN Goldstone Report, we urge you to cancel this gig until the time comes when Israel is in compliance with its obligations under international law and fully respects Palestinian rights.

We were particularly surprised by news of your planned performance given your deep involvement in affordable housing and homelessness issues [2]. As part of its ongoing dispossession of the Palestinian people, Israel continues to demolish Palestinian homes and entire villages, including the Bedouin village of Al-Araqib, which was destroyed seven times this year [3].  Indeed, the entire modern history of the Palestinian people is based on dispossession and homelessness as more than 750,000 people were made refugees to enable the creation of the state of Israel, then kept in permanent refugee status despite the requirements in international law that they be allowed to return to their homes.  In your commitment to effect change you have understood that your position as a respected and prominent musician can weigh on politics and contribute to advancing freedom, justice and human rights.  It is in this spirit that we address you."

Don’t be Complicit in Entertaining Apartheid

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  1. I hope this reach him, but I doubt that it would make him change his scheduled concert. he wouldn't want to effect his country's relations with Israel. I have nothing against bon jovi still. however, if he indeed canceled that concert, it would make a huge buzz for his favor, and the jews will hate him for it!