Dec 7, 2010

#BDS: In Argentina workers’ movements, community radios take up BDS

November saw a flurry of BDS activities in Argentina, where workers from the recovered factories, along with the global umbrella organization for community radio, committed to active support of the 2005 Palestinian BDS call.

Workers in the recovered factories in Argentina pledged to support the BDS call. These workers are part of a larger movement in Argentina that began in 2000 during Argentina’s economic crisis. At that time, the first workers resisted eviction from their places of work, and with the bankruptcy and flight of the management, took upon themselves the duties of production, administration and marketing. Since 2001, 205 factories around Argentina have been reclaimed by the workers.

In a statement issued in support of the BDS call, representatives from eight of the recovered factories pledged to “ensure that our work sites, our businesses and factories, […] will be spaces free of Israeli apartheid. We resolve to ensure we do not have contracts and business between our recovered companies and Israeli companies, the State of Israel or companies that support the State of Israel.” 

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