Nov 24, 2010

#BDS:BDS Success: Tindersticks Cancel Tel Aviv Shows

When agreeing to play our music in Israel we, perhaps naively, believed that the music we make is beyond political considerations.

Over the past weeks, the pressure exerted on us by people and organisations, some close to us, has shown us that this is not the case. It is difficult to defy a rapidly growing movement with whose aims we agree, even if we are not wholly convinced by their methods.

The songs we looked forward to playing and singing have already been tainted and their enjoyment stifled, if not completely drowned out by the political furore.

We sincerely look forward to a time when we, and others, can make our music for the people in the Middle East for the pure joy of the music itself.

1 comment:

  1. Brave decision. Until such time as Israel starts to behave in a civilised and humane way they should be made an international pariah