Nov 8, 2010

#BDS: Launching a campaign for the Palestinian Prisoners: "Write a letter to Palestinian detainees"

- The campaign target is to send the "Maximum" number of Letters to the Palestinian prisoners + raise the Awareness about their issue .
- The campaign is simply a "solidarity message" to the Palestinian/Arab detainees in the Israeli jails.
- We WRITE, ask our friends to write, a personal letter "message" to a specific Palestinian detainee in the Occupation jails . THEN
TO tweet that .. "ex: I've sent a letter to the Palestinian detainee XYZ at XYZ Israeli detainee center "prison" #PalDetainee "
- Names of the detainees could be found on [[ ]]
- People will send their personal message to the email address:
- The campaign blog is [[ ]]
- On the site you find: - Introduction about the campaign - some details -Arabic/English- when/how to send letters (emails actually), in addition to FACTS & numbers about the Palestinian detainees in the Israeli jails. + a list "to be added EVERY day of the 15 days of the campaign" containing
SUGGESTED names of Palestinian detainees, people can send their letter to.
- The campaign starts Nov. 01, 2010 and lasts 15 days.
- Twitter is our main media ... and #PalDetainees is our Hashtag .
- Attached the logo - avatar- for the campaign that we may use.
- Every single post related to #PalDetainees helps raising the awareness & is therefore welcomed.

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