Nov 25, 2010

#BDS: The Fall - The Fall Gig Targeted By Protesters

British rockers THE FALL were targeted by protesters at their London show on Tuesday night (23Nov10) over their plans to play in Israel next year (11).
The post-punk band took to the stage at the Electric Ballroom but their performance was marred by a group of activists who gathered outside the venue waving banners and placards.
The protesters are angry about the band's decision to schedule a concert in Tel Aviv in January (11) and they are urging the group to scrap the show and boycott the country over unrest in the Gaza Strip.
The band's gig went ahead uninterrupted, according to

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  1. One can only assume that if this were 1941, The Fall would have no qalms about peforming in Germany while its armed forces illegally, belligerently and brutally occupied France, Holland, Poland, etc.