Oct 12, 2010

#BDS: Yahoo buys Israeli startup for $50M

Dapper's offices to remain in Israel, company expected to grow, founder says

Internet powerhouse Yahoo has decided to acquire Israeli startup company Dapper for about $50 million.

Following the deal, Dapper's Tel Aviv offices will turn into a new Yahoo development center in Israel, on top of Yahoo's research center in Haifa.

Dapper was established in 2006 by Eran Shir and Jon Aizen. To date, the company raised $10 million from various investors.

The company developed technology for automatic identification of content on websites, allowing developers to build various applications that match the content.

At this time, Dapper employees 35 employees, a number that is expected to grow according to Shir.

"I believe that we will have a wonderful journey with Yahoo," he said. "In the first phase we'll stay at the same offices, until we find a larger space that would be commensurate with the growth we are planning."

"Dapper's activities will continue to be based in Israel," he said.

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