Oct 3, 2010

#BDS: Methodist Preacher to Sue Church Over Anti-Israel Boycott

A Methodist preacher is planning to sue his own British-based church over its anti-Israel policies.

Pastor David Hallam, 62, said he has asked attorney Paul Diamond to fight a resolution passed this summer by the Methodist Church -- the fourth-largest Christian denomination in Britain -- promoting a boycott against Israeli goods produced in Judea, Samaria and Gaza.

The resolution was heartily supported by Palestinian Authority Christians.

The British Board of Deputies, which represents the country's Jews, broke off all contact with the leadership of the Methodist Church over the issue.  


  1. It's appalling/ And this man calls himself a Christian. When Israel and its US ally continue to break International Law, with other governments speaking but not acting, then it is necessary for civil society/people of conscience to act. The Methodist Church must not back down; they should be proud of their conscientious stance in the face of the indifference of power elites. Thank you Methodist Church!

  2. It's about time Christian Churches stood up against Israeli oppression of nonJews in Israel/Palestine, many of whom are their Christian bretheren. It has taken far too long, but at least it is here. Roads for Jews Only and settlements for Jews Only on land stolen from non Jews is not acceptable, and must be stopped. Shame on Pastor Hallem and the Jewish Board of Deputies for supporting apartheid.