Oct 24, 2010

#BDS: Israeli artist: IDF an army of evil

Israeli artists join MachsomWatch tour of West Bank villages; slam IDF policies in crossings, say soldiers 'have no idea how bestial their behavior is'

Several Israeli artists and creators joined by dozens of other Israelis took part in a MachsomWatch tour of the West Bank Friday, in order to "get first hand knowledge of the evils of the occupation."

MachsomWatch, founded in 2001, is an organization of peace activists which regularly protests Israeli presence in the West Bank.

Among the artists taking part in Friday's tour were actors Oded Kotler and Amnon Meskin and directors Ati Zitron and Ram Levy.

The group toured several Palestinian villages near the West Bank cities of Qalqilya and Nablus, the Elkana Local Council and the city of Ariel, which has been in the center of a cultural debatein the past months, after artists refused to perform in it newly inducted cultural hall.

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