Oct 14, 2010

#BDS: Coach of Norwegian national soccer team supports academic boycott

Egil "Drillo" Olsen, the coach of the Norwegian national soccer team, has signed a resolution for academic and cultural boycott of Israel

Drillo is a huge celebrity in Norway.

Read the full text (in norwegian) here:
The text follows the outlines of the PACBI call.

He says "the occupation is illegal and reprehensible" and that 90% of the world is of this opinion.

Among the 100 prominent Norwegians within cultural and academics is also:
- musician Jan Vardøgen
- Erik Hillestad, music producer 
- Gert Nygaardshaug, author of many best sellers
- Mads Gilbert, one of the doctors that went to Gaza during the last war

(Google translation of the ACBI petition in Norway)


The State of Israel occupies Palestinian land and deny the Palestinians basic human rights. The attack on Gaza in 2009 and the ruthless and illegal blockade has shaken the world. With control over the whole of the old Palestine Israel daily harasses the Palestinian population, banishes them from the increasing number of areas and treat them as second-class people. The situation is compared with the straight with apartheid-era South Africa.
Israel refuses to abide by UN resolutions and international law, but is still free of international sanctions. Therefore, ordinary people take the challenge and put international pressure on Israel. Israeli universities, research institutions and cultural institutions play a key role in the occupation government. Extensive cooperation between Israel and the West in these fields has helped to legitimize oppression policy.We do not want to break the dialogue, but to take responsibility and explain to our colleagues why we believe Israel's treatment of Palestinians is unacceptable. The future for both Palestinians and Israelis are dependent on the occupation policy ends, and that basic human rights guaranteed to all who live in the area. We believe that this will not come without pressure from outside. There are also researchers and students, artists and cultural workers in Israel, which is in open opposition to the Israeli government's occupation policy. They need international support. Palestinian academics and intellectuals have repeatedly called on colleagues in other countries to boycott the academic and cultural institutions in Israel, to end the occupation and oppression.
The signatories of this petition, cultural workers and employees at various universities, colleges, research institutes and cultural institutions in Norway will follow this request. We urge all other cultural workers and artists, staff and students at Norwegian universities and colleges, and employees of research institutes and cultural institutions to make common cause with us, by refraining from:
  • Research and cultural cooperation with the State of Israel, universities, research institutions, the arts and cultural institutions, and representatives of these institutions.
  • The exchange of visiting scholars - speakers, exhibitors and guest artists with these institutions.
  • Award of scholarships and research grants to such institutions and their representatives.
  • Participation in scientific conferences and cultural events in Israel with representatives of such institutions.
We are also encouraging to collaborate with and support organizations and individuals in Israel, including researchers, students, artists and cultural workers, who work against the occupation and violation of Palestinian human rights.
We will finally encourage the boards of Norwegian academic and cultural institutions, arts organizations, trade unions at universities, colleges and research institutions, and student organizations in Norway to support this boycott.

100 people in the cultural and academic boycott support at launch:

Fritz Albregtsen, Professor University
Vanja Alling, PhD student University
Paal Bjelke Andersen, author / publisher
Bård Berg, førsteaman. Wiki
Sissel Mutale Bergh, visual artist / writer
Bjorn Bjarre, visual artist
Aud Karin Bear, researcher
Mari Boine, musician
Agnes Bolsø, førsteaman. NTNU
Aslak Borgersrud, musician
Ole Jacob Bull, adviser
Bjørgulf Claussen, Professor University
Torstein Dahle, Assistant Professor HiB
Ingegerd Dillan, visual artist
Anneli Drecker, musician
Hans Ebbing, MA UiB
Lasse Efskind, orthopedic surgeon / author
Anders Eiebakke, visual artist
Arild Eriksen, Architect
Åshild Fausa, førsteaman. Wiki
Gro Find, artist
Jan Terje Faarlund, Professor University
Mads Gilbert, Professor / Consultant UiT
Roger Gjerstad, visual artist
Espen Goffeng, stud.samf.geo. 
Tori Goksøyr, visual artist
Nadir Guendouz, Nordic Black Theatre 
Øystein Grønning, architect
Willy Guneriussen, Professor Wiki
Line Halvorsen, filmmaker
Hannah Helseth, sociologist / author
Kirsti Henriksen, univ. Teacher Wiki
Erik Hillestad, music producer KKV
Ingvild Holm, stage artist
   Ketil Hylland, Professor University
Marianne Hølmebakk, visual artist
Arnold Johansen, artist
Flygari Svein Johansen, artist
Morten Krogh, painter / prof. Emer.
Sonja Krohn, visual artist
Andrea Long, a painter
Benjamin Endré Larsen, research fellow University
Soren Larsen, PhD. University
Morten Levin, Professor NTNU
Sonja Lid, author
Truls Lie, editor / filmmaker
Arild Berg Linn, Professor University of Bergen
Mass Soldal Lund, researcher
Liv Lundberg, Professor University of Tromsø / poet
Peder Martin Lysestøl, Associate HIST
Ketil Magnussen, chairman, Oslo Documentary Cinema
Anna Lange Malmanger, art historian
Camilla Martens, painter
Pierre Matte, visual artist
Elisabeth Medbøe, visual artist
Georges idealistic principles, Professor Wiki
Trond Peter Stamsøe Munch, actor
Brit Mæhlum, Professor NTNU
Trond Nordby, University Professor
Tori Nustad, head of NTL v UiT
Gert Nygårdshaug, author
Egil Olsen Drillo, coach
Ole Johnny Olsen, førsteaman. UiB
Ragnar Olsen, musician / playwright
Tommy Olsson, art critic / artist
Torgeir Rebolledo Pedersen, author / playwright
Beate Petersen, artist / writer
Henry Placht, visual artist
   Per Platou, artist / curator
Brita Pollan, religion researcher / writer
Hege Ramson, writer
Jan Åge Riseth, Senior NORUT
Ingvild H Rishøi, author
Arne Ruste, author
Per Rygvold, curator
Kjetil Røed, art critic
Knut H Røed, Professor NVH
Gerdi Schjelderup, actor
Tore Sivertsen, førsteaman. NVH
Rune Skarstein, førsteaman. NTNU
Tom Skauge, førsteaman. HiB. 
Eystein Skjerve, Professor NVH
Ande Somby, førsteaman. Wiki
Bente Sommerfeldt-Colberg, visual artist
Willibald Storn, visual artist
Morten Strøksnes, author / journalist
Jørn H Sværen, writer / musician
Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Professor NTNU
Pia Tellefsen, actor
Kjell Underlid, Professor HiB
January Vardøen, musician / restaurateur
Pål Vigeland, artist
Edward Vogt, Prof. Emer. UiB
Tor Øystein Vaaland, journalist / theologian
Bo K. Wallström, artist / advisor KORO
Ebba Wergeland, Dr. med.
Lene Westerås, editor / author
Snorre Ytterstad, visual artist
Audun Øfsti, Prof. Emer. NTNU
Nils Aarsæther, Professor W

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