Sep 25, 2010

#BDS: New app makes boycotting West Bank settlements a touch easier

Buy no Evil

Ahead of settlement freeze expiration, Israeli bloggers release 'Buy no Evil' Android application to raise consumer awareness.

Israeli bloggers have recently released a new Android application geared toward informing users whether or not their potential purchases were manufactured in one of the Israeli settlements in the West Bank.
The bloggers behind the new application are Noam Rotem, Itamar Shaltiel, and Boris Boltianski, who run the "Activism is an Open-Source Code," blog, recently released the settlement-boycotting app, naming it "Buy no Evil."
In a message posted on the blog ahead of the app's release, Shaltiel wrote that Buy no Evil was "developed as part of the open-source project, and allows the insertion of a detailed product list, thus allowing consumers to deicide whether or not they wished to support this or that product."

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