Sep 8, 2010

#BDS: Letter: From Gaza with love; support a boycott

I am in besieged Gaza for the fifth time as I write this letter. The Israeli occupation/siege/imprisonment continues despite UN condemnation, international outcry and violation of international law.

As citizens of the world we should all be outraged by the atrocious human rights violations occurring here and in the West Bank. The cattle herding of Palestinians through the one border and the trickle of "supplies" (food, no building materials), purporting to be Israel's "relaxing" of the grasp on all borders (only due to flotilla pressure), is an obscenely small gesture in light of the slow strangulation of the people here in Gaza.

What are stocked shelves and shiny new motorcycles when the freedom of 1.5 million humans is restricted to an area the size of the Quimper Peninsula with poor water, over 50 percent unemployment, thousands of displaced/imprisoned families, education and medical care severely compromised, farms and fishing curtailed, and continual attacks by Israel? Americans must understand we are complicit in this human rights violation, as we give Israel $3 billion annually in an arms deal to buy back our F-16s, white phosphorous gas and rockets, which are then used on the Palestinian population.

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