Sep 13, 2010

#BDS: Israel must support human rights

I attended Ali Abunimah’s lecture for peace in Israel/Palestine, and I laud him for his erudite, articulate, impassioned voice of reason.

Olympians have clouded reason with emotion and lost sight of the fact that the boycott of Israel is part of a struggle for universal human rights, not an anti-Israeli or anti-Semitic effort.
Abunimah reminded me that Israel practices its own form of apartheid against non-Jews, just as white South Africans did against non-whites.

Why was it wrong in South Africa and yet right now in the Middle East? We who support peace, justice and universal human rights also support the growing movement for BDS — boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning Israel until Israel actively supports universal human rights. There is nothing controversial about either this movement or supporting human dignity and human rights.

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