Sep 7, 2010

#BDS: Boycott of Israel

Boycott is an effective weapon against Israel because it depends on trade — exports as well as imports.
The boycott against apartheid South Africa was a huge success. The financial impact on Israel may not be large but its international significance will be huge. Last week the Chilean Parliament decided to boycott Israeli products made in the settlements. In September 2009 Norway announced that it is selling off its shares in Elbit System because of the company’s role in building the separation wall. In March this year Swedish investment fund said that it would eschew Elbit System shares on the same grounds. Human rights organizations in Europe are running campaigns calling for a boycott of Israeli products.
Dozens of theater people are boycotting the new culture center in Ariel supported by a group of authors and artists. Then a group of 150 lecturers from various universities announced that they would not teach at Ariel College. The anti-Israel tide rose right after Operation Cast Lead, as the world watched how Israel pounded Gaza with bombs. Then came the flotilla, complete with prominent peace activists, which ended in nine deaths, adding fuel to the fire. The boycott is gaining momentum on all fronts.

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