Sep 27, 2010

#BDS: Al-Ma'sara calls for boycott of Israeli products

Today the IOF repressed the weekly protest in al-Ma’sara village shooting tear gas canisters and sound bombs at the demonstrators causing dozens to suffer from teargas inhalation. Protesters set fire to a number of Israeli products next to the Apartheid Wall, to demonstrate the boycott and their rejection of the occupation, which penetrates all aspects of Palestinian lives.

The protest saw the participation of villagers and international solidarity activists and began in front of the school al-Zawahra marching towards the area of the Apartheid wall. The demonstrators carried Palestinian flags, singing national slogans and called for the boycott of Israeli products. Boxes containing the boycotted products were also carried. The media coordinator of the Popular Committee in Bethlehem, Muhammad Brijiyeh, gave a speech in which he talked about the occupier’s products that invade the Palestinian markets. He stressed the importance of its boycott and then the demonstrators burned the boxes containing the occupier’s products. After a few minutes the IOF shot gas and sound bombs to the demonstrators causing dozens to suffer from teargas inhalation. The demonstrators replied then by throwing stones.

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